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#ed533dc students:

Though there are only five us (yes, I am learning with you and thus a member of your learning community) it is important to consider the exponential power of learning and reflecting in a networked world.
I came across a tweet this weekend which demonstrates the importance of making digital connections with fellow educators through Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.

Of course Sheryl is the author of the book we are reading, and of course she has a vested interest in real feedback from veteran educators, as well as preservice, grad student teachers, and new teachers. What makes this tweet significant is the exponential power of Twitter. Sheryl shared Jess Leopoldo’s blog post with her community of followers. That’s 8500 plus veteran teachers, preservice grad school, and new teachers – and likely quite a few people of significant influence in Ed leadership, Marketing, and publishing. Jess’ weekly reflection “For Our Eyes Only” suddenly was presented to over 8000 people. When I finally got the chance to read her post, there was already positive feedback left from somebody outside our small community.

Like the “Adjacent Possible” in The Genius of the Tinkerer we are sometimes only aware of what we’ve been exposed to through our own personal experiences. We have difficulty imagining the possibilities of things beyond what we have already seen, done, or experienced.

The problem with these closed environments is that they make it more difficult to explore the adjacent possible, because they reduce the overall network of minds that can potentially engage with a problem, and they reduce the unplanned collisions between ideas originating in different fields.

Being able to transparently reflect on your learning is a powerful ally in your professional growth. Learning in a closed environment does not avail oneself to a potential network of minds.

I am hoping that this experience will encourage all of us to continue to blog thoughtfully, consistently, and passionately long after this class has ended. Lets continue to create the collisions of ideas, and open new doors with every thought we reveal.

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